Square 1 Art offers a way to celebrate your child’s creativity by turning their artwork into keepsakes and gifts. There are so many products to choose from: note cards, potholders, water bottles, mugs, notebooks, and more. There is something for everyone, and everyone benefits from this fundraiser: children are encouraged as artists, unique gifts are created, and Crest View earns a portion of each sale!

Catalogs coming early Nov!

Watch out for a catalog showcasing your student’s artwork!  Or search for your student on the square1art website.

Didn’t receive a catalog? Your child may have been absent or chosen not to participate. Reach out to square1art@rocv.org to double check if you should have received one.

You can also add your own artwork!

Want to create additional artwork for your student or their siblings? Was your student absent when artwork was created at school?  You can upload custom artwork on the square1art website.

Square1art paper is available in the office, or use your own 8×8 paper.  Watch this video to learn more.

Order online by Nov 28th!

All ordering is online this year and will be shipped directly to your house, or your chosen destination. 

Orders placed by Nov 28th will count towards our fundraiser, and should ship to your house in time for the holidays.

Scholarships are available!

We want every student to be able to enjoy a keepsake.  Please reach out to square1art@rocv.org for financial assistance, no questions asked.

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