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ReachOut Crest View (ROCV), Crest View Elementary School’s parent-teacher organization, is chartered to raise funds to support academic enrichment, scholarship needs and capital improvements, provide activities and events to develop and strengthen the school community, and sponsor periodic forums and events for parent education on issues related to elementary education and children.

ROCV business is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of 6 to 25 community members that meets monthly through the school year. Trustee responsibilities include oversight, direction, management, policy-making, planning, programming, budgeting, evaluation, fundraising, and community relations. Trustees delegate authority to an Executive Committee which manages day-to-day business.

ROCV is certified as a nonprofit corporation by the Internal Revenue Service (EIN 84-1512387). It is also certified as exempt for state sales/use tax by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Executive Committee, 2023-24

Chair: Ishika Cotter

Vice Chair: Ellen Tate

Secretary: Jessica Soderberg

Treasurer: Dan Retzlaff

Board of Trustees

Justine Allison
Lisa Goodson
Kyra Shields
Ellen Tate
Stephanie Spier
Jennifer Carey
Kelly Herbert
Millie Marshall

Alicia Kittredge
Ishika Cotter
Whitney DePalma
Jessica Soderberg
Julia Longnecker
Dan Retzlaff
Carri Martin

Contact Us

For questions or concerns please contact us at:

ReachOut Crest View
1897 Sumac Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304

School Phone: 720-561-5461

For questions by email contact:

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