Trip Tracker is a BVSD program that incentivizes walking, biking, bus riding, and carpooling to school. You can read about it at the BVSD Trip Tracker site.

Program Details

Who: any Crest View student AND staff member who gets to or from school by any mode other than a single-family car. Modes include: biking, walking, car pooling, bus riding, scootering, skipping, roller skating, sledding, skiing, tubing, and more!
What: for each eligible trip, earn Trip Tracker dollars that can be used like cash at dozens of local businesses, donated to Crest View, or donated to local non-profit organizations. Trip Tracker dollars will be distributed to participants at Crest View at the end of each month in Friday Folders.    
When: the 1st tracking month is September. Trips can also be tracked for October, November, January, February, March and April.
Where: all school day trips made to/from Crest View.
Why: (1) to reduce pollution, (2) reduce car congestion and improve safety around our school, and (3) improve students’ physical & mental health; students are more ready to learn when they have fresh air & exercise before school. Also, Crest View has a very large geographic attendance area and Trip Trackers allows ALL students (where it’s not safe or feasible to walk or bike) a way to make their transportation greener by bus riding and carpooling.  
How: fill out the one-minute form emailed to all Crest View families at the end of each month. If it’s helpful, students can track their trips daily via a printable calendar.
FAQ: I am already doing Zapsters, can I participate in Trip Trackers too? YES! Trip Trackers is a BVSD program funded by local businesses and donations; Zapsters is a ROCV program.

Crest View 2022/2023 Totals

Crest View 2022/2023 Trip Tracker Participation

Crest View 2021/2022 Totals

Congratulations 2021/2022 Crest View Trip Tracker participants! Among all BVSD elementary schools, Crest View had the 2nd highest number of green trips to/from school! We’re looking forward to improving the health of our students & planet with more walk, bike, and bus trips next school year!

Crest View 2021/2022 Trip Tracker Participation

BVSD 2021/2022 Totals

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