VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNTY – This year’s food drive has been a tremendous success, but now we need your help to get all that food into our pantry. We are looking for volunteers on Wednesday, Sept. 21 from 10am-12pm.

Crest View’s semi-annual food drive is underway and will run from Sept. 6-16th, 2022.  The food drive benefits our Crest View food pantry and weekend food bag programs.

This is NOT your Normal Food Drive

Through partnerships with Community Food Share and Conscious Alliance, Crest View gets weekly donations of shelf stable foods like pasta, tomato sauce, beans, rice, canned vegetables, etc.  Our food drive helps to bring in popular snack items to augment our CV families’ basic needs. We need individually wrapped snack items, NOT canned goods.


  • Goldfish bags
  • Applesauce pouches
  • Granola bars
  • Breakfast bars
  • Fruit snack
  • Nut snack bags


The Food Drive is a grade level competition with each grade being eligible to earn up to 30 minutes of extra recess time based on their level of donations. All grades are winners and will earn some level of extra recess!

How to Donate

Preferred:  Order through our Amazon Wish List.

  1. Pick the items you want.
  2. Go to checkout. 
  3. Choose the “ROCV Food Drive” address under “Other Addresses”.
  4. When you get to “Choose Gift Options” put your child’s teacher’s last name in the gift message. If you have more than one child at CV, put all teacher’s names and the donation will be split accordingly.
  5. Continue the checkout process and the items will ship directly to Crest View.

You can also choose to send your individual snack items in with you child to their classroom.

Regardless of the method of donation, all items will be tallied and go towards the overall grade donation count.


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