Thanks for your interest in donating stock to ROCV! It can be a great way to maximize your impact at Crest View while saving on taxes.

There are many articles online about the advantages of donating appreciated stock compared to cash. Investopedia has a thorough write-up that isn’t trying to sell you something. That said, we recommend consulting with a finance professional to understand the benefits for your specific situation.

If donating stock makes sense for you, please use ROCV’s E*Trade account information below to make a third-party transfer. Contact your brokerage firm or wherever your funds are held for more information on how to make a transfer.

E*Trade Brokerage Account # 146 263657 (DTC # 0385)
ReachOut Crest View
1897 Sumac Ave
Boulder, CO 80304

Please inform of your transfer to ensure a timely and accurate gift receipt. Donations received without notice may be treated as anonymous.

We accept any publicly-traded, liquid security. We do not maintain an endowment fund. We sell your securities for USD as soon as they are received. Your donation immediately goes to work in the current year’s budget, or depending on its timing and amount, the next school year.

Please get in touch with questions. Thanks again for your interest.

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